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Tracey’s work can be seen as an inquiry into humanness, and an exploration of the flux between seen and sensed reality.

Concerned with the felt sense embodied within the boundary of our skin and the inner territory of emotion, sensation and visceral experience; Tracey’s working methodology is grounded in and through the body, seeking the possibility of expressing something of the transience of our unfolding journey through each moment of lived experience.

Using her own body as a vehicle to develop meaning and imagery, Tracey works across disciplines, including movement, drawing, painting, and sculpture to explore ideas. Finished pieces of work emerge as traces, captured glimpses, and fragments, where the surface of the body becomes the transition between worlds, dissolving boundaries between the relative and the infinite.

Whereas early sculptural work fully embraced an expression of the ethereal through its physical fragility and impermanence, current work becomes a lasting visual record. With the figure taken close to the point of abstraction through a process of working back and forth between applying and deconstructing delicate painted layers, the same temporal experience is embodied in the painted image itself.

Since receiving her MA from the Royal College of Art (1999) Tracey has also lectured in Art, and her ongoing study of movement and meditation continue to support and inform her creative process. Tracey now lives and works in Driffield, East Yorkshire with her husband Alan, their three children and family cats. Since moving there in 2016, they have developed the ‘Micklethwaite Studios’, where they both work on commissions, their individual practice, and have a gallery space showing current work.

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